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My Panther Black 1.6


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Hey all


Well i've been here just over a month now so i guess its time to write up a progress thread 8)


This is my 1998 Panther Black Finesse! Its only my 2nd car (previous was an old battered MK2 golf) and thanks to insurance costs i plan on keeping it quite a while so i want to spend the money and time making it look mint.


Brought it dec last year with 51k on the clock and no rust, interior was mint, only fault i could see was a cracked gear knob. I did have a slight issue with some of the paintwork.. not really sure what happened but it looks like there was a build up of metallic bits in a few places which the previous owner tried to fix by buying a can of panther black and just spraying it straight on :rolleyes: Thankfully i managed to get most of it off


I haven't got a definite idea of what i want to end up with but for now im keeping a colour theme of black and silver/chrome inside and out












Work Done So Far :


Not a great deal but i am busy saving for the more expensive stuff lol


Sprayed the front grille silver (although i did get a spare from the scrappy in case it went wrong lol) but the jury's still out on that one

Painted callipers and drums silver

Replaced standard indicators with some clear smoked ones


Replaced standard dash surround with a gloss black one

Swapped the cracked gear knob

Replaced the standard black dials with some white ones

Replaced the black clock by doing the template mod thats around here somewhere but i'l do it better with a white clock

Replaced standard handles with some nice chrome gia ones

(BIG thanks to Lordjc and mickygti for all the help!!)



To-Do :


New wheels! 16's but not sure which ones yet

Gti skirts

Better exhaust

40mm lowering springs

Window tints (rear)

Tinted brake lights (legal limit)

Maybe change the bumper

Colour coded handles and mirror's

thats as far as i've got for now lol


Here's a closer look at the grille, i'l get back down the scrappy and do the lower one soon but like i said im still deciding on it




I'l keep this updated, thanks for reading ;)


Comments and ideas are more than welcome!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Small update :


Added some more chrome bits courtesy of Jc 8)


Number plate surround




Chrome tipped handbrake, goes nice with my chrome handles and gear knob (BIG thanks again to escort-ross for all his help!!)




I dare say i'l change the front bumper at some point in the future but till then or until i get a decent splitter im trying somethin different... and by different i mean cheap :P

Butchered a mk2 mondeo down the scrap yard and fitted the rubber trim bit, needed cutting but after i got it the right size it just clipped on straight round the edge.. not bad for £4 :D






Hopefully get a gia grille this weekend and after that its wheels!

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Latest stuff going on :


Put some black and chrome 17" wolfrace alloys on, i'l need to respray the chrome parts at some point due to some flaking, maybe just do them all black?




Been wanting to do somethin with the back lights for ages, thought about half tints but found a product a bit ago i liked the look of so i decided to try out


Its a coloured film kinda like a mesh that covers your lights but still lets all the brake light ect through. I went with black but it comes in a variety of colours, cost me £15.35 to do all my rear lights and i would have had enough left over to do my side indicators if they needed it so pretty cheap :)


Really easy to apply it, no need to take lighjts off and if you mess up you can just take it off and try again. Took me about 45 mins but that was in the searing heat sunday lol


Kit unpacked




Film on before trimming




Other side all trimmed and bonded on




Comparason - before and after




Really pleased with how they turned out and for £15 its a bargain :D


Head to http://www.flyeyeskit.co.uk/index.php if your interested :)


Next job was to fit the angel eyes i brought from TC-DNB


Thought i was gonna pass out from the heat trying to loosen some of the bolts but got there in the end :D




I'l take a few more pics when ive had chance to give it a nice clean and wax but i really like the angel eyes, think they suit the car really well!


I have 2 mint driver and pas half leather seats to go in next (looks at JC :D) and some panther black mirrors to fit (looks at ross :D)


Skirts, fogged bumper and cheap backbox planned for now with lowering springs not far behind :thumb:

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Looks great mate really smart




Not entirely sure about the back lights myself but the rest of the car is good progress, always liked those wheels


I didn't really know what to expect when i brought it but for the money and ease of use im pleased with the results, plus the lights are a lot darker now but fully legal ;)


Looks good,


Don't mind doing the seats they are easy... with a 10mm deep socket


see what Ross is up to sunday? mini meet?


Sounds good mate, i'l see if we can sort it out :thumb:

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