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cheap discs and pads for my gti


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if you want cheap then go e bay £40/50, but be warned you get what you pay for, be expecting to buy another set sooner than you should be.





thanks mate theres loads on there ,are u saying there no good ?? for what reason? thanks for replying



im not saying they are bad, you get good value for money, but the disk and pad set i got only lasted about 6 months, thats probably just because of my driving though lol..

for the price im not complaining..


would still use again mate

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You use brakes and suspension components off old scrappies from a scrap yard, No offence mate but if you cant afford new parts which are extremely important when driving then you shouldnt be driving!!!! Brakes is essential would always fit Brand New parts. Your playing with the devil there mate. I sure hope you dont have a family as what you are doing could kill them by doing what your doing
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If you know what you're looking at then you'll know what you're buying.


Second hand suspension? Have you seen the wanted section?


If i buy brand new brakes, are they brand new in 3 months time? NO! But they work just like they did when first fitted.


No one fits secondhand calipers?


Complete rear beam with rear discs and calipers never fitted off of a car someone is fragging?


The pads and discs that are sitting on my escort have done 9000 miles and they are still going strong.


The V6 mondeo brakes that are sitting here waiting to be fitted are not new. Shall i just throw them away?

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I can see your point but a scrap yard mate?? I couldnt and wouldnt trust scrap yard stuff, couldnt risk it.


With regards to rear axles etc. Yeh id buy one, but would make sure i service the calipers and fit new disc/pads/shoes before fitting to me car.


Owners descrition, dont take as a dig or an insult mate, as i know it may of come across like it, but stuff like that especially brakes id always go with new

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