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New Scam Email


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Got an email from 'paypal' this morning thanking me for my payment of £39 to skype, at the bottom there is alink that says "Issues with this transaction?

If you haven't authorized this charge, open a dispute at:


https://www.paypal dot co dot uk/hel...r/open_dispute and get a full refund." (taken the .s out so the link doesnt work)


the link takes you to fake paypal site.


Usual drill, do not log in. I have reported it to paypal.

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https means it is a secure website, and https://www.paypaldotcodotuk is the genuine paypal address for the uk unless i'm very much mistaken


edited so the link doesnt work just incase paypal.co.uk is fony and the only genuine one is .com

Edited by Craig855S
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