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Escort mk6 1.6


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hello everyone, im new to the site, ive had a few fords and have been on other forums in the past, but ive spent nearly 5 years running around in vauxhalls so i thought id get back in a ford, i joined the other day as i was on another ford site which i joined years ago, and well some oof the members are a bit annoying and very quick to take the pee, dont get me wrong im up for a joke and banter, but they were basicly up there own back sides, so i had a nose around and found you guuys were still going, as i remember when you guys first open as a friend of mine ( for whoever remembers davespages with his mk6 and home build) told me about you guys.......


so anyway enough of that heres the car. bought her monday, a 2000 mk6 1.6 finesse. 85k full mot 2 months tax usual rust spots but nothing too cripppling (yet)











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wheels will be going for some rs2000 ones that you can also find sometimes on the si's. then the obligatory gti look inside and out will be enforced, with additions of tinted halo headlights and possibly half tint rear lamps and lowered 40ml and more then likely a magnex or powerflow system, colour coded rocker cover, then sort hoses out
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Looks a nice example, I have got a mint GTI trim for it if your interested?


Is that all of the interior or just door cards?


Seats and door cards, but I have got a full GTi that I am breaking at minute

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