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2x mk5 rs2k interiors

tezmanian devil

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Really need these out the way as there taking up space down my mates workshop and it's only a matter of time befour he gets annoyed...


1st interior is quite ropey, was in my old project and had various dirty car parts put on it while I was building it, it may or may not clean up, I don't know, so would proberly be best for a track car or ideal for a retrim? Due to it being scruffy I'm only after £25, that includes both front and rear seats, and front and rear cards, it's only mainly the to front seats that are scruffy to be honest.



2nd interior is currently fitted to my mk5 but will be removed tomorrow in favor of a esc cos hex interior...

This one doesn't look to shabby, the drivers bolster is abit worn, but the rest looks fine and dandy.

Looking for offers around £100 for it, again this will be front/rear seats and front/rear cards.


Il put some pics up shortly of the scruffy interior but I won't be able to put any up of the other one until tomorrow when I have removed it.


Obviously due to size and weight itl have to be collected from Eastbourne BN22

oh and there are no seat runners included I'm affraid.


Like I said above, I need these gone asap so I'm open to sensible offers on both :)



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