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Wide arch 5 door project

lee grout

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Dash surround is in, as is the steering wheel and ash tray. Unfortunately the wire connecting the air bag broke.....well what a few more years without one!  :rolleyes:

Looks better with a bumper on as well....just need to mod it now.



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Cheers all. Well, I have a handbrake handle and gear knob to fit along with a new part for the back of the steering wheel ( has the wire that connects the airbag) to fit then interior is all in, done and finished bar some more cleaning.

I'm hopefully gonna get my extended wheel studs/coilovers fitted when it goes in for MOT. And just before that I'll have my tyres fitted so new wheel can go straight on at MOT time. 

Just before that though I need to re wire my headlights. The morettes have a plug, that the plug on my loom doesnt fit. I have new plugs that will fit but just need to clip the wires into the plug in the right place to get the headlights up and running. 

Its gonna all come together REALLY quick when I book the MOT. It needs a few touch ups body work wise and the front bumper building up again, but will get the major things/mot done 1st and do the bumper at my own leisure. 

Really nothing much happened of late as tbh.....its cold outside and I have NO motivation to do ANYTHING in that weather. As soon as it warms up I'll be straight on it!

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Not been on here for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages! Basically its because I've nothing to add....until now. Had multiple problems with the morettes and finally I've had help to fix it. Now the lights are in, although Ive still bits to finish, I can during this week book it for an M.O.T. 1st one in almost 8 years!!!


Although 1 light issue is a bit bugging and we cant work out whats up. Basically when the side lights are turned on, the side lights AND the main bulb come on (although dimmer than full lights on the next turn on the stalk) Weve had a good play ( I say WE, I mean a couple buddy's lol) and we cant work out why it does that, both mates cars dont do it but mine does!! Strange! But at least they work. 

Looking forward to getting it tested and on the road. Front bumper to finish and a cabby spoiler to add at a later date.  :)

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