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Breaking - Escort GTi Turbo


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All parts available, except headlights


Parts can be brought to Classic Ford or posted




Front bumper is damaged and interior has been sold


Engine Spec from advert when I purchased car:


the engine has been rebuilt from top to bottom

the block has been skimmed debored and fitted with skimmed pistons to lower compression

new piston rings fitted genuine ford cost £75

arp conrod bolts new

new genuine ford head gasket ideal gasket unto 250 bhp

the head was skimmed and new valve stems fitted and stem oil seals

new head bolts

new inlet gaskets

new exhaust gasket

new water pump

new high performance ht leads

new ngk spark plugs

new manifold to turbo gasket cosmetic

rebuilt airsearch t3 turbo

new starter motor

new battery with warrenty + spare

new battery to starter wiring

new kent cam belt

new alternator/powersteering belt






Side skirts - £25


Rear Bumper (also got 1 in red) - £25 with spats


Rear Spats (in white) - £10


RS2000 front brakes - £40


Rear RS2000 axle - £75 - prov sold


Bonnet - £15


White speedo clocks - £10


Mirrors (various colours available) - £5


Indicator stalks - £7.50


Ford CD player - £30


Will add more parts once they are removed from car

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more pics of bonnet please


will do as soon as its stops raining

what ecu is this running ?


I have a 2.0 ECU and a Fiesta Turbo OFAC management


more pics of bonnet please




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is the axle off the car?


Not at minute but will be this week



ok to collect next saturday


cash on collection


I wont be here mate sorry as will be on my way to Classic Ford, any day or weekend after that will be fine

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