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My cars


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First car mk6 escort 1.6 estate, didn't make the road



Second ford fiesta 1.3 lx, was a shed when i got it black bumpers and faded, i made into this





Third, decided i wanted something abit new, so bought this, was only 3 years old at time

fiesta 1.4 flame



Fourth, got bored of the fiesta very quickly and wanted another big car, couldent afford a decent focus as the fiesta had high miles on it so sold it and got this,


mk6 escort 1.6 finesse




This car died due to cambelt :( so broke it then scraped the car and bought this,


Fifth, 1.6 LX made this car into gti rep like silver one, and painted alloys grey



Then i got a ka for peanuts, so got that roadworthy and sold the escort,


Sixth Ford ka2 1.3 did colorcoding and fitted puma alloys




Sold that and got this


Seventh Escort 1.8 TDDI, fitted focus alloys and half tints




Insurance was too high so swaped it for this


Eighth, Vauxhall astra 1.6 ls




Cambelt and headgasket failed on this, so i was carless for a couple of month and i saved up and got this


Nineth, Ford focus 1.6 zetec, did alot to this, full st170 rep, never let me down brilliant car



Due to the high insurance rasies last year forced me to get rid once i recived my renewal,:( now i got rid i've got a better quote for one now :/


10th Vauxhall astra 1.7 dti ls, got this as it was cheap on insurance and diesel for good mpg, but i'm bored with it already want another focus lol, bought this completely standerd ex police car too



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Seems all the pictures have vanished :nutter:


Anyway update


after mondeo i got a focus tddi and fitted tasteful mods this was a basic cl model when bought




Then i got this

mondeo 2.0 tdci 130




It was ok until the problems started so got this


Avensis vvti 1.8


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I always wanted one when i was younger but could never insure one, now after 5 years driving i can


Escort 1.8 gti :D




Suprised at that, I had my GTi when I was 24, in Dec 2008 to April 2009.

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