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Remap 1.6 ecu to run 2.0?


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Hi Peeps, Not posted on here for a while but have a request for info. (Perhaps from Stu!)

Situation:- My son has fitted a 2.0 Mondy engine in his 'X' reg Finesse estate. As part of the conversion we fitted a DEWY ecu

and consulted the How To from here for wiring. Engine runs well, car is like a duck on hot snot!!!

We had one concern afterwards in that the temperature guage only seems to work properly when car is started from cold.

Hot start has guage going full scale and then back to minimum and no temp indication. We had a long(and ultimately fruitless)

discussion on here with several people about it. Should say the guages are the digital ones!

Another prob has arisen(latest hot weather) in that the air con doesn't work, the fan comes on and the revs increase as they

should but the magnetic clutch doesn't operate so the pump doesn't work! We can make the air con work by putting battery and earths

on relevant connections but it IS difficult laying under the car at 90!!! Looks like the ecu doesnt control the air con properly.

The question we have is, is it possible for the original 1.6 ecu to be re-mapped to run the 2 litre. The reason being, if so, all

the Finesse facilities, air con, digi clocks, PATS etc will all work and the 2 litre will run as well.

My son bravely said "cost is not a consideration!!!"

So, if anyone knows:- a) IF it can be done, b) WHO can do it and c) how much I would welcome some feedback.

Thanks to all you knowledgeable people in advance.

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I'm running a "DESK" ECU and not had a problem with the aircon. x plate with 2.0 - does run an rs turbo AP clutch


Ross ran the "DESK" or "DEEP" on an R reg and no air con problems.


so seems an odd problem?


temp guage still didn't find a solution so went aftermarket.

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I don't think you'll find anyone willing to remap the 1.6 ecu as you want. It'd never be as good as the 2L ecu anyway.


The ECU doesn't control the a/c, as such. The a/c sends a signal to the ECU so the ECU knows when the compressor is engaged (for idle control). But that's about it.


The only signal the ECU sends to the A/C is a disengage when you're at full throttle.. I guess you could monitor that signal and see if it's not right?

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