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2007 Fiesta XR2i


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Dad rolled a Fiesta XR2i on it's first outing at Snetterton in 2007. It was a car that i did a lot of work on, most infact. My favourite Fiesta, the quickest too. Won him the heat, in the final, flat out through Riches corner 110MPH trying to shake the Fezza behind, what Dad didn't know was that a back marker had shat all its oil out with a blown engine, the Marshalls didn't put the flag out and all of a sudden, Dad found that he was sliding all over the show, he tried to correct it, hit the gravel trap sideways, it went over 4 times followed by a further two more times head over tail. Crawled out the windscreen with a bruised thumb, found his phone in his pocket and rang me up to tell me the news, i wasn't happy i must say. Top marks to the roll cage though.




Christ did i have a go at the Marshalls.

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