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can someone do me a photoshop please :)

tezmanian devil

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basically, iv sent off my new wheels for the mk2 to be blasted and powder coated black, but iv been thinking of painting the rim a different colour, so can someone please photoshop my idea's so i can have a better idea on how it'l look befour i commit to anything and ruin my freshly powder coated wheels?


here's a couple of pic (best i have unfortunetly)







can the legend thats willing to help me please change the blue colour to black and the silver/chrome rim to the colour of the car and again with the blue done black and silver/chrome rim done white pleeeeeaaaaassssseeee?

dont need to worry about actually trying to get them on the car so to speak, just literally need a better idea of how theyd look...


i will love who ever does it long time :drunk:

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sorry but i cant do photo shop mate, however, can you not use very fine wet/dry paper and bring the polished lip back to life?, i think that if you can manage that and then paint the inner bits black they would look nice,

i once had a set of alloys and the chrome lip was corroded, i managed to rescue them and with a bit of time and the right materials they looked almost new.

just an idea and loving the mk2(had a couple in my day)


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well when i took them to the blaster they said they was very pitted and to keep the polished lip would take alot of graft and i only want them for winter use so i told them to just blast them and powder coat them all black, which i regretted after but theyre done now and would take even more effort to polish :nutter:

i think for now il just spray the lip beige and then redo them next summer with a polished lip...


gota love mk2s, such fun little cars to drive and they get looks where ever you go!!!

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