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Powerflow Stainless Steel Exhaust for MK6


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Removed from my RS2000, but originally on a GTI so should fit most Zetec MK6s too. Has 3.5" slash cut tailpipe. Not too loud, nice at cruising speed, but sounds decent enough when you put the boot in.


Picture of the tailpipe:




Will try and remove it this week sometime.


£100, collection only from Stafford

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Thanks alot Jon.

Was a really long night. Not only did I leave late, I then was stationary on the M1 for 30 mintues, and on the way back, the juction from M6 to M1 South was closed and the diversion signs were soo shite they sent me back up the M6 towards B'ham, up a slip road, round a roundabout, then BACK DOWN THE FREAKING M6!!!!! I lost 15-20 doing a big fcuking circle. I wanna punch who ever set the diversion signs up. Anyway I did my own thing of head north up the M1 so I can switch to the south bound back to MK. Didnt get home till half 12. woops


Anyway I got the exhaust fitted fine yesterday and had the MOT today and all is good. I love the sound of the exhaust. Its perfect. Nice and quite but enough to keep me entertained. The size and shape of the tip is perfect as well


Thanks again young sir




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