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Dont you just hate it when.....


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rubbish luck that mate,


I reckonise that car tho........... Your not Nathan and Marts mate are ya??


Yeah thats me. Small world eh.



Been on holiday for the last week and come home to naff all apart from a statement to fill in and return to the police about the accident. Insurance companies are useless. :(


Before I went away the engineers report valued it at £4500, which unless they give me the car back for free I wont be accepting. This motor has cost me a small fortune keeping it in show condition, I wont be taking Zetec prices for it.

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Yeah Martin told me the day before this happened that he'd been refused the bank loan.


I decided to keep it the morning of the day this happened. I havent had much luck with it as I had spent nearly £600 on a new front bumper just 3 weeks prior after hitting a badger. :(

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Never good dude,


My ST was resprayed last year at the cost of 1400quid.


I dread to think about it getting written off,


Whats next? another Mondeo?



Got a Sierra sapphire GLSi twin cam to pootle round in for now. Im toying with the idea of a Camero as a daily driver next year...... watch this space.

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lol, jelly mould. Sums it up nicely... my dad calls it a Tin Can. Mind you, compared to the mondeo it is like driving Jelly!


Here she is



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She belongs in a museum. Its never been welded and doesnt need any!


As for the mondeo, the small intercooler/radiator looking object on the n/s/f is actually off the Audi A4. Ive surgically removed it today..

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