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big rigs drag racing


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At least if one of these feckers overtakes on the motorway it doesn't take 15 junctions and a 60mile tailback to complete.. :nutter:


The Big rigs here are not limited to 56mph either .. They do overtake on single lane highways .. they also dont seem to be affected by the weather. they will flog on at 110km's and faster ..

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You wont find OEM fitted turbos much bigger than AHmotorsports picture ..


This is the largest single application, OEM Commercial turbo i've seen in a while. The one behind will be around the same as pictured above.




Off a Cummins QSK19 constant RPM engine. To use this in a truck would be too laggy for normal use ..


Variable RPM applications that require both lower end and high end boost tend to use sequential Turbos .. The most ive seen is 12 strapped to a Cummin's QSK78 V18 rolling in a 930E haulpak truck. Thats a High 'n' low for every 3 pots.

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