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Fiesta Si`s


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Heres my 1st one. usual thing, came up to a juction, car in front went to pull off, i looked down the road for a gap in traffic, went to pull off and the car in front had stoppped, wallop!!


lucky thing for me was the car in front, wasnt a toyota, but it was my old man! lol he was more upset about my fiesta than his bora lol






my dads bora, new cars are much stronger than old fiestas lol



looked like this back in the day.




i have been rebuilding it over the past 2 years as a track car, but now decided that its too much work so im breaking it now. got pretty far with it as well.


currently in this state




my 2nd one, going through a lane i didnt know late on an icey winters night, came to a corner i didnt know which looked sharp (but actually wasnt) hit the brakes and being huge mondeo st24 one locked up with crap tyre and i went straight on into a tree, hell of a bump!


that one died completely, chassic leg was bent against the pas pump. so ended up breaking that one.





looked like this.




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the BMO one looked good, bet you were gutted :( :cheers:


yeah i was really upset, im gutted now im breaking it, but ive had it 4 years so i need to let go now, as it was my first car its hard lol



what brings you to escortevo, when you like fiestas? :)


i have a few bits for sale that will fit escorts.


plus my mate used to have an escort ghia with a 2.0, ryan his name his, i wanted to have a look for his build thread. hes breaking his soon as well which is sad as we both had our cars same time like. its like the end of an era lol


and ive never been on here before fancied seeing what it was like.


and theres plenty of escort owners on fiestasi.com, so why not? lol

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Ouch, are you from ukfiestanetwork by any chance, was on there years ago when i owned fiestas lol


nah mate. im mostly on fiestasi.com and south wales fords


top one looked ace man, fancy a si myself, bodied 2.0 maybe


cheers mate, it was a smart looking car, when i had it on the road loads of people knew the car and used to think it was lovely. used to turn loads of heads lol.


my mates used to have a 2.0 with bike carbs, it was nuts lol

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