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Well to be fair, what I want is full osx systems that will run no lower than osx snow leopard with all hardware running as it should.

Gimmick lookalikes or under performing copies are of no use to me I'm afraid.

Running hardware and making it run slower than it's native OS is pretty pointless.

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Mine is rock solid, theres no emulation this is purely native osx running from boot.

Using my one daily in work and its spot on.

Not sure about the inspiron with Lion though, is it a 64 bit machine?

Just checked, it appears so, have you looked up how compatible it is?

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Found these, should help.

Read lots of furums and look up any issues.



Read through tonymacx86 forums, sign up ask questions get tips.




Also purchase a retail copy of Lion, its only about $30.

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Yeah, that's the thread that got me thinking.


I was mostly concerned with the stability of yours, although I guess this will vary between machines.

It will vary a bit but as long as you do your research you will be fine.

It's a very worthwhile and cheap way to get an apple mac.


Mine is rock solid with everything working as it should.

You can pick a dell mini 10v up for just over £100 on ebay these days and it makes a very viable little macbook air alternative.

Mine just runs just how it would if it was a genuine Mac. I forget that it was once a PC netbook its that good.

My intention was to dual boot it with Windows 7 but as it runs so well as a native mac I didn't bother.


With apple using intel now days all a macs are is a pc with certain parts.


You can build a new i5 quad core mac with 4 gig of ram for around £350 which is great if you look how much the mac version would cost you.

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