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Yeah, it's a kext/chipset issue to do with Lion only recognising two of the four SATA ports. It'll work if I swap it on to another port, but I'd lose the other hard drive. I had all four SATA ports working when booting from one of the USBs, there must have been a kext on there with the correct config but I CBA to get it working lol. Well, that and everything else is working fine and I don't want to fubar anything else. If I really needed the CD/DVD, I could just load it in the MB Pro sat next to the desktop and use disc sharing - the advantage of OS X, I guess, the interoperability between devices.
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Took the IOATAFamily.kext from the USB drive and merged it in to the installation and got all four SATA ports working correctly. Which was required, as I've upgraded from a 9800GT to a HD6870, and the latter completely covers the upper two SATA ports (ie the only two that OS X recognised originally) on the motherboard. Marvellous design work from Dell, that. The HD6870 works out of the box.

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Great stuff. Not messed with mine much lately, probably come back to it soon.

I was disheartened by the icloud and app store problems I was getting and got a bit fed up.

Also got fed up as I bought a gfx card that took up two spaces and simply did not fit due to the position of the slot :(

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You get the wireless card and gfx in, then?


Mine's still up and running, running OS X Lion better than it ever ran XP, Vista or 7. Pretty much completely moved across to Apple, now (aside from an Android phone).

Ended up switching to another machine HP, ran perfect and my icloud app store etc ran first time.

Yep the hackintoshes run very nice indeed, whenI have the spare cash I intend building a purpose built hackintosh based around an i3 or i5 cpu.

I never put win7 back on my netbook as it runs so sweet on osx snow leopard.

I now have an iPhone5 , iPad Mini, Hackintosh netbook and Hackintosh desktop.

I do still have a Windows 7 laptop and various Win 7 desktops though.

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