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flexible exhaust pipe


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anybody used this? cant put a link as im using my phone.


basically its flexible pipe (not a flexi section) with a clamp each side.



a "flexi hose", ya mean.


I had to use them years ago for my Mk1 Granada and later for my Mk2 Capri as at the time there wasnt a large aftermarket exhaust choice an to get what you wanted you had to "make things work".


they work fine aslong as you take some obvious things into account, first if your gonna use one then over sizing the diameter is better than under sizing, second is that even though its flexi nature allows you to place tight bends in it dont always be tempted to do so as it wil restrict gas flow and often act as a water trap for exhaust condensation again blocking the flow and eventually deteriorating the flexi or surrounding pipework.


thirdly and finally, try and use it as close as possible to a hanger point for support as even the more stiff versions become loose if allowed to flop about to much meaning your exhaust will start bangin its nuts off as it flops about all over the place.

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