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Fitting a rs2000 into a mk5 fiesta


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Hi guys anyone fitted a rs2000 engine into a mk5 fiesta looking at doing it myself and wondered how i go about engine mounts. Would the rs2000 mounts work and il change the box to a ib5 so i can use normal box mounts on that, what flywheel would i use to be able to use a ib5 box ta guys
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take a look at shawspeeds website, i think they did the 2.0 duratec conversion for the mk5 fiesta, i think currently they are in production for a turbo kit for the standard 1.6 engine at the mo!


the easiest conversions on the mk5 fiestas are 1.6 zetec s engine and the 1.7 puma 125 engine, the 2.0 duratec does in with a squeeze but i think they need custom mounts etc just like the rs2000 engine would but the other engines are just as good! i've known tuned 1.6 zetec s engines getting 150bhp with some decent mods.

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