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1992 Escort Harrier Mk5 1.4


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Hi to all. Just thought I'd post a couple of pics of the 1992 Escort Harrier that I've bought to replace a blue 1991 Escort Encore that had rotted badly in all the usual Escort places, i.e. rear wheel arches, rear chassis rails and sills. A bit about this car- It was rustproofed from new and is completely free of any corrosion and has never been welded. It's done a genuine 27070 miles from new, I've confirmed the mileage by checking the MOT history online. It's had one elderly disabled owner from new, and no previous keeper is shown on the logbook. According to the DVLA it's one of only 11 left on the road, with another 12 being on SORN.








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with a little work that could be a sick looking motor


I don't plan on changing too much on it. Because it's rare I want to keep it mostly standard. I've swapped the original Ford stereo and speakers with the Pioneer ones I had in my other Escort. Other than that the only things I plan to do to it are to swap the wheels for the 14" original Mk5 alloys(and have the alloys refurbed too) on 185/60R14 tyres from my old Escort and to have the front and rear bumpers sprayed to match the bodywork.

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Bloody hell, its been years since i've seen a mk5 harrier, i know someone who used to have a black one, last seen it about 10 years ago :(

Should be worth a few bob kept in that nick


Infact, after a quick google I think I've found the EXACT car :) Vaguely remember the reg and according to the info of the photo its not too far away from me

Defiantly the same colour and graphics



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