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Escorts Mk6 by Tigerbart

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Welcome friends from UK.


My name is Bartek and I'm an Escort maniac from Poland.


Things are not going easy in world of Ford Escort, because here the most popular tuning world turns around VW, and sometimes I think that in Poland we have more VW fans than in Germany :drool: That's why I decided to Join Your team and share with You my experiences, If You don't mind ofcourse.


My story with Escort started in 2006 when I bought Mk6 Turnier with 1.8 TD engine with intercooler (66 KW). I loved him from the first sight, and I started to invest some money to make him look I wanted.


Here You may see how he looked till 2009:








It was simple 1.8 TurboDiesel with Intercooler, with air-conditioner and two airbags. Body started to be more and more rusty:





So I decided to rescue my Turnier, and I started to realise that there is a lot work to do:






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I decided to rescue my car, and give him all new parts, build him again with new engine, to give him new life. This project started two years ago and I've almost finished.


Now he has a new heart, new lower suspension, refreshed body with new look, more leather inside, full option, etc. Here is my new 2.0 16v ZETEC black from Focus Mk1 inside:














New heart is a 2.0 Zetec BlackTop from Mondeo, with new computer DTA-Fast P48 Pro







I've finished the body refreshment of my red Escort. Let me share with You my results.


Here You can see how he looked like when I've bought him on 02-01-2010:




Here You may see today's view:





Here You can see my Escorts together:




Tell me what You think.

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well, time is the biggest problem, black one is waiting third season, red one needs some corrections. :nutter:


However I'm going to finish them both till June. :blink:


With turnier will be more work with the computer to make it work correctly. With red one I'm waiting for delivery of Recaro interior, and RQB engine. So far there is Zetec-E RKC inside. ;)

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Welcome to evo, 2 nice escorts you have there. Well done on pulling away from the dark (VW) side ;)



Thank You for support :)



Tomorrow I'm going to install new lower suspension in red one, and put wheel spacers. I'd love to share with You my results. In the nearest two weeks there will be black leather recaro interior and original red belts, and some parts from 2.0 silvertop to get some more power than 115 hp.


This week we're going to solve all problems with black one too.

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Love your Escorts.Well done.Keep up the good work.I love your red one ;) Also good you stayed away from the VAG group.What's going on these days with them?They are not the only car manufacture,come on...there are other fast cars too.I really enjoy it when I accelerate hard some times and they can't keep up. ;) Don't know for Poland,but here in Greece most of young people driving Scirrocos,Golf etc,tend to think that they drive Ferrari's.Yeah,sure!
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Georgio tkank You for Your opinion.


I can see that You have RST engine - that's great stuff.


My friend have Mk6 with 2.1 ZVH Turbo (1/4 mile racer) - it's impressive power (344hp) on 1,3 Bar - looks almost the same under the hood like Yours.


Red one have now brand new suspension, making him lower than I expected 8o


Pictures from last week's installation:








I put there 15mm distance.


My new radio 6006E, works superbly with the pilot on the steering wheel.



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There was me thinking mine was low, thats sick i'm not even gonna ask if it scrapes. :pancake: :pancake:



Yeah, it was, we realised that rear springs are wrong. Germans makes mistakes too :pancake:


I put a complainment yesterday and I'm waiting for new rear springs dedicated to Escort Mk6. The problem was that now I have regulation -70 on top, and -170 at the bottom. That's a real problem to drive :pancake:

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