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Getting hold of old car history


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Hi all, selling my ST170 soon and was hoping to get hold of some more history to bulk up the paperwork going with the car. Got the manual, two sets of keys, service guide with a few stamps in it, a few MOTs and old tax discs but was wondering what I might be able to get hold of through the DVLA. I know you can write to them and with a good explanation get hold of the names of the previous registered keepers- I was going to do this and see if I couldn't track some of them down and ask if they've happened to keep any old paperwork tucked away (original bill of sale, MOTs or whatever). Apart from this, what else could I do? Can you get reprints of old MOTs, seeing as they're registered on a central database to some extent?


Any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated, PM me if you like, cheers

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