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Hi Everyone! Just joined the site and thought id say hello!, got a fair amount of work to complete yet but will be popping on here for help, advice and just to ogle lol. I've got a mk6 1.6 16v 3 door in black, I've put a full gti interior in, got the skirts and spats being painted along with some original wing mirrors atm. I lowered it 40mm on cheap springs (taking them off! My fillings are working loose!) and put some Mondeo zetec alloys on it. I'm planning on sticking a 2.0 silver top in during the summer months and a few other subtle mods :) http://www.evo-host.co.uk/getimg/29038.jpg http://www.evo-host.co.uk/getimg/29039.jpg ill take some more pics when I clean her at the weekend. Apologies to any mods if i've made any mistakes posting!



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Koni yellow dampers and H&R springs is a pretty decent compromise for handling and ride quality. Not the cheapest though.


Car looks nice. Don't see many in (panther?) black. Much better than ash black.

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If i remove the bump strips are they just glued or are there mounting holes in the panels?

Also need to ask would the top mounts affect the wishbones? since lowering it ive gone through two wishbones and its creaking/cracking at the top where the mount is over bumps and creaking in full right lock when the drive way?. Just come back from jaystock got a nice quiet exhaust! can't wait to get rid of that peco back box! in good nick if anyone wants it the the heathrow/uxbrodge area?


Very nice, was always gutted my black escort was a 5 door.


Once youve got your 2l in there and those skirts your talking about, remove dem bump strips and fit the digi dials and your a winner.


Im currently watching white dials from a si on ebay is it worth fitting mk5 fezza dials? how hard is it to do?

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