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anyone know where this goes?


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its near the air box heads through the bulkhead and into the back of the inlet (plastic) manifold, been looking all over and cant find a location for it, if it held it seems to pull air through when a stick my finger over it

Hang on, if it's near the airbox, how can it go through the bulkhead and into the inlet manifold?

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sorry never ment bulkhead. sits on top of the fan/ blower box and runs along to the battery side through some plastic and then back to the inlet manifold

next to wiper motor you will see the wireing harness that goes int the car beside that you will see a connector with two wires comming off it (purple/blue and black )the pipe is connected underneath this senser .looks like it will be a pig to fit back may have to remove wiper motor to gain acsess it somthing to do with the heater

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