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Audi S2 Coupe - 2.2 20v Turbo


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Make it handle better and gives you 40BHP more!


JESUS!!!! I know yellow things in the engine bay give 20 bhp each but anything else as well!! Ive got 80 bhp just from suspension mods....result!


Back to topic, will they stiffen the car? lower it? what do you have on it now?

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Current wheels - I quite like them and the fact they're OE for my car. I was planning a diamond cut refurb, but it's too much of a squeeze to get the 996 calipers that I intend to fit under 16"s:




So went for 17" S4 Avus wheels which still keep an OE look since the 16" Avus were fitted to the later ABY engined S2 :)




These are the actual wheels on the same colour of S2, albeit an Avant, so I think they'll pretty sweet with a wee drop and some 312" discs filling out the front!


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