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Anyone have a few quid to spare?


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<signs into qoutemehappy.com>


<selects car insurance tab>


<inputs address and personal details>


<begins inputing car details.....>


"does the vehicle have any modifications"


<considers lying..... decides to be honest>


"7.62mm twin gattling guns, 2x 4pod pershing unguided missile launchers, detachable motor cycle, winch/grappling wire (pressurized), fully automated remote guidance system, jet assisted ejection seat, multi angle horizontal driving positional seating, laguna splitter, stealth radar absorbing carbon fibre heat resistant paint trim, multi angle headlights, high thrust afterburning scram jet....." <Runs out of space in box>


<finishes remaing feilds and hits the "qoute me happy" key>


<waits a moment>


"sorry we can not offer you cover for this vehicle"


hmmmmmm.....maybe I shouldn't have told them about the goona afterall?

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I'll go for the encore spec one thanks:





I'll forever prefer the Burton mobile to this piece of crap Humvee. No style, no grace, no shape, no point.


maybe but you cant escape the phallic undertones of that motor...... it couldnt be anymore of a penis size compensator if it was driven by a merchant banker who'd just traded in his bmw 5 series for it.

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