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Samsung vs Apple customer services


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After being given the run around by carphone warehouse for the last month about getting a screen fault repaired on my Galaxy s2, i finally decided to deal with samsung directly and sent it off to them in a jiffy bag. Get it back yesterday with a letter saying that theyd fixed the fault, but clearly they had just completely ignored it and set the software back to factory settings hoping that i wouldnt notice.


Missus takes her faulty ipod into the apple shop 2 days ago...bosh... new one there and then.


As much as i dont really like apple products, i have to say that their customer service is top drawer.


Anyone had any similar experiences with samsung?

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Yep! Apple may be very expensive but will deal with issues to the best of the customers needs, often as you say with a simple "sorry here is a brand new one".

I have known people with Apple products out of warranty still get helped this way.

I can only assume that with Apple that respect and reputation is very high up on the staff training with instructions to ensure people leave the store with nothing to complain about.

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Cant say much bad for Samsung TBH, one mate had a big larder fridge he bought second hand, it packed in, was about 4 years old and out of warranty, called samsung and they repaired it FOC


Another guy i know had a samsung TV, the caps blew and it kept powering down, They authorised him to take the TV to his local specialist to have the capacitors replaced and they footed the bill....


....BUT you get good and bad with any company I suppose, just had my sky+hd installed along with a HD multiroom


All HD channels were fine on the +hd box, multiroom they were missing and the recording and pausing features were not working on the +box


Called sky last week, told me it was a account issue and they had no timescale to repair, fcuking great i thought!


Still not working last night so called them again, they sent the signals to my box and it working in less than 5 mins after my call, Delighted :)

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tmobile didnt send me a micro sim for my iphone 4. phoned tmobile and told i can goto a store and be charged £10 for one. went to tmobile in lakeside they didnt even have one. went to apple store.. not only did they give me a sim for nothing at all they also transferred my phone number over from standard sim to my microsim as well and didnt charge me for that either.


and who else finds that some of their very old ipods battery could be faulty and replace them all with a brand new one FOC!!..

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iPhones that have been taken in by apple are usually repaired by them, that new phone you've just got off them is more likely a refurbished to a new state.


Old faulty apple products may incur a charge as they are outside of apple's warranty unless you've purchased AppleCare for the said item.


But apple's services are pretty bang on!!

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Ever since I was young I've always been a PC and laptop guy, and even when the new iPhone came out I was one of those people that was slating it (without ever having even used Apple products before).


But now I have an iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro - and Apple's customer service is unbelievable. I had my iPad a week before my lovely fiancée managed to put a big scratch in it with one of her rings. I book in an appointment with at the Genius Bar and told them that I had no idea how it got there and I was gutted, as was there anything they could do? They tell me that they can't fix it and it will have to be replaced. I'm so gutted at this point as I know they're not cheap. They bring out a new one and tell me that a replacement iPad is £349, but as a goodwill gesture they will replace it for free!


And I've heard many stories from friends that say when they've broken their iPhones Apple have just replaced them!


Other companies would charge you for fixing or replacing their products, while Apple just take the hit.


People will point to the fact that their products are over-priced or whatever, but give me the name of another "top brand" that does the same? I don't think BMW or Ferrari would replace your tyres for free!

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