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3 door bare mk6/5 shell


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Looking for a.good condition/needs minimal work bare shell prefrabley rolling but may consider just a shell



can sell this rolling on standard suspension with bumpers and panels for £250 if any good to you




and on steels

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How about an aubergine 4x4 96/n reg shell, 69k full history still mot'd for 10 months rolling on mint standard rs wheels with new toyo tyres and standard bumpers/skirts and bonnet, doors have been delocked and a toad cat 1 remote alarm.

£1000 takes it away.

The 2.3 engine and box and rs accessory bits are being removed sometime this month, and i was going to convert it back to standard to sell it, but if your after a rolling shell this is excellent for a project as you could rwd it! or do what you like with it.

I also have all the original trim, engine and transfer box that have only done 46k which could be added at an additional cost.


The shell is in mint condition underneath, there is a few bubbles just starting to go around the passenger side rear arch but apart from that its A1


a pic of her as she stands right now.







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