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escort ghia x for sale with full gti kit - [No Price]


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1. Please make sure your advert contains all the relevant information in the opening post. Price and location are essential, if your profile location is different to the item location, you need to state the correct location. Without these, your For Sale thread will be closed.


2. Omitted for the time being.


3. Please keep posts on topic. Posts questioning the price or state of the goods could be harmful and can be misleading. Posts of this nature will be removed. Persistent offenders will recieve warnings.


4. Escortevolution will take no responsibility for the transaction between the buyer and the seller. Please make sure you are comfortable before completing a transaction.


5. A seller has the right to advertise at a price they see fit, if you think its too high then don't buy but please any attempts to fill thread with negative comments will result in warnings for you.


6. Do not 'bump' your items back to the top within a 24 hour period. Posts doing this will be deleted. Persistent offenders will recieve warnings.


7. Please use the feedback system to leave feedback for other traders. You can see each person's trading history and rating.


8. Finally, by posting in this section it is deemed your acceptance of these simple rules and will abide by them.




When you are ready to include the correct details, please send me a message and I will re open your for sale topic.

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