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Which do you think was better:


Yesterdays finish to the football season, or


The '89 season when Mickey Thomas scored the winner against Liverpool at anfield to win Arsenal the title?



Id say Arsenal due to the fact that they did it away from home and werent playing a crap club like qpr.

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Yesterday because I support Liverpool lol.


In all fairness I suppose the 89 season one really, in that case it wasn't even goal difference but goals for that decided it in injury time.

It was a hopeless task to undertake for Arsenal that year but they somehow pulled it off.

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Arsenal by a mile.


“We’ve never seen anything like this”, bleated the pundits after an admittedly exciting end to this season, but frankly anyone who thinks Man City struggling to beat off 10 man relegation fodder at home is more worthy than Arsenal having to beat the reigning Champions by two clear goals at their own ground – and doing so in the final seconds of injury time – is off their rocker.

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