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My 3 door Mexico


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Hey Guys

I'm Sparkie and this is my current ford.. Im no stranger to Zetec's, Ive put them in mk1 escorts and a Mk2 Cortina so having the mk6 mex is a change from classic conversions! :rolleyes:


Im the 2nd owner, its been garaged all its life until I got it 2 years ago when it had 4k on the clock. It came complete with history and Milage has now gone up to 20k but still nothing for a 17 year old car



The body is still like new ..


I'm looking for a 3 door GTI Interior if anyone has one up for grabs please let me know






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Fk me, what a find and what a base to build a project on.

Cheers guys. The car was bought by my gran in 95. She gave up driving at 90. Her previous car before this was a mk1 Capri. She liked her fords. I'm not sure how much modding I will do on it as she's no longer with us. I'm thinking of sensible mods therefore, which isn't normally me lol

Just better interior, set of rims maybe.. we will c

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Looks mint, just needs bumpers (in just as mint condition and the same colour)

Got the bumpers sorted, just need the time to fit them.. :thumb:


Did ford use different shades of grey colour on the interior door cards with the mk6?. Im putting a GTI interior in it and it looks different in the pics ive seen.. Im hoping its just the camera!

If they dont match, can the cloth inserts be changed over from one door card to another without damage as i havent seen how they are attatched yet..


Just a thought :rolleyes:


Yes the shell is mint, but Im feeling I should build my garage this year to keep it like it.. Another job!!!!

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saw this last night, very clean, with a bit of an odd spec aswell. just need to clean the surface rust from underneath and paint it up.

Yeah just light surface rust stains to sort on the rear chassis and thats it. Ive changed the interior since seeing you the other night and looked in the inner arches - 1/4 panels and the inner doors, completely spotless.. You should have looked along the floors and sill lips.. :thumb:


Thanks for the grille, i havent tried it yet but shout if you need it back before i fit it.. Hope to see you again

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