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Mk6 lowering springs... INFO?


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Just want the car to sit alot lower than it is now.. I was wondering if any other Ford springs fit like from a Fiesta or something like that, or if there is any cheats etc


Cutting the springs is cheating but not recommended, if you just want the car lower and not worried too much about upgrading performance just get some lowering spring for your car, wont set you back too much, I honestly dont know what sus from other fords fits the escort, im not sure if the rs2000 kit fits but your still prob better with a nice set of new springs.


Actually, take a look in the 'For Sale' section, theres gotto be loads of lowering parts for sale, there always is.

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Thanks mate :) Under £50 is my budget at the moment.


Also.... How much is yours lowered by and what size are your consworth wheels?


40mm gmax springs and dampers kit on 16" Cosworth's


I used to be down 60mm on 16"s on my old escort, was a headache, ruined bushings often, cat back system always hitting sh1t too.


Stretch that budget a little bit and theres plenty stuff on ebay....



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