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Scamed out £135, by a geordie


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Summary: bank transferred £135 to a Mr John Bennett in Newcastle, He never sent me the lights I paid for in fact other than one email a week ago to say he was having trouble with the courier nothing. He's ignoring my txts and calls (i've only called twice and sent two txts)


Full Story:

Found some lights I wanted from a guy on gumtree, he listed silver mazda mk2.5 bits so I asked about lights. Did my due diligence; Got pictures emailed, then asked for more pictures so I was confident he actually had what he was selling, got an invoice with his address and bank details. Got a phone number. Sent money on the 14th then got one more email a few days later saying courier hadn't collected yet and would let me know. Now nothing.

So I give it a week send a couple of emails, then I txt / call - nothing.


So I go poking through public records. I've found some other Bennetts in that area of Newcastle; Wallsend to ring see if they are related to him and could confirm his address / phone number.

I also found a John Bennett Who works for the university of Newcastle's Engineering Department and lists his interests a modifcation and maintenance of performance cars

So I reply to another one of his adverts (using a different email) and am currently trying to get another address to see if they match, so far everything lists one area. If I can get an address for collection I could hypothetically go meet John and politely ask for my money back. Its a hell of a long way to go while I'm trying to finish uni and revise for exams though


All I have that I know is correct are his bank details / name


I know the police won't give a curse word / do anything to help other than give me a reference number

I know small claims court is a waste of money / time for this amount

I know the bank can't help



I've got him to give me the same number and address although these emails are signed off Vicky since I mentioned having a girlfriend at newcastle uni. he also used an email address "danielle stephenson <daniellestephenson23@gmail.com>"


here are his adverts:





I almost reported it to gumtree but I don't want to lose my ability to chase this up by them scaring him off


can anyone help?


update: The John Bennett I am referring to is NOT the same person as Dr John Bennett of the University of Newcastle.

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As you probably know from my thread of a similar nature, I was scammed by some English Tw@ for £40 for a laptop screen earlier in the year.


I was ready to go on a road trip to thump the guy before thinking about it logically in that A) He's scum, so probably wouldn't have the cash to hand. If someone has no money, what do you do? Take something of his? B) The travel would put me much further out of pocket than anything I could reclaim C) What if he opens the door and is holding a baby or the like (you can't thump him then) or you actually get thumped by a gang of scumbags?


An EVO member advised me a great deal on pursuing the matter through various avenues (mainly the small claims court) but for £40 and potentially months, if not years of trying to get it back, I decided it wasn't worth my hassle and I'd put it down to experience and NEVER use bank transfer or Paypal gifts again.


I think, though, as a bank transfer you probably have a better standing than I did (Paypal gift). I'd speak to your bank first and see what they say.


Ask Aaron if he knows the area or the name (if he can remember his own area or name these days :roll: (just kidding man)). He might fancy paying the guy a visit for a cut of the reimbursement.

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Yeah, I know... I was going to pay by credit card, but he wasn't keen on paypal (neither am I as there's no real protection and even if they agree that you've been scammed they can't give you the money back unless its there anyway)


Also to make it clear I am not someone who uses violence to settle anything off the pitch, I'm intelligent and rational person. If someone did decided to hit my I would defend myself with impunity.


I'm asking for help because I know I'm unlikely to drive 100+miles and drag some friends along over this amount of money and if it was a lot I would go through the legal system.

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anyone on here in newcastle? phone him tell him ul go collect a rt from him then bam hes stood right in front you


this happened to a guy on another forum i was part of a few years back, he ended up just driving to the guys house after pretending to be someone else and calling for another part


although that was for like 600 odd quid or sumthin

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Wallsend is as rough as a badgers arse and is FULL of scum of the earth, on the flip side, I've met afew good friends from around that area

Ask Aaron if he knows the area or the name (if he can remember his own area or name these days :roll: (just kidding man))

:pancake: :pancake: :pancake: :pancake: Want to know what was funny about that? I didn't get it at first "why the fook wouldn't I remmeber my name?" I thought then remembered a 3 Ton van & my Steering Wheel playing ping-pong with my head :nutter: :nutter: haha

if you get no joy from that ..tell him/her your sending a taxi to collect the parts ... I'd be happy to go get them for you then post them on


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if you get no joy from that ..tell him/her your sending a taxi to collect the parts ... I'd be happy to go get them for you then post them on


Cheers pal, it seems like it'll either be sorted amicably very soon or a total mare to get what's mine. Appreciate the offer :thumb:



What happened with this?

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