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Fuel stavation & sticking throttle

Terry Williams

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I recently bought my first Escort, '96 1.8 Ghia with just 27k miles. Everything works as I would expect but it has an intermittent fault of fuel starvation when cruising at a steady mid-speed. It doesn't happen during acceleration and not so often cruising at motorway speeds. It's just a second or two (an annoying jerk) then normality returns. It only cost 600 so I'm loathe to approach a main dealer and get ripped off, I took it to a back street garage but he couldn't find any problem.

The throttle will occasionally stick and keep high revs when I'm changing gear or when I lift off the throttle for engine braking, again no solution found.

A suggestion was made that both problems are probably related to something electronic. Any advice would be appreciated.

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