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Old Shitty Laptop


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Just putting this out there before i start going through egay/bumtree...NOTHING FANCY.


I'm going to be making a dedicated BMW diagnostic laptop that wont be having access to the internet or anything (after initial setup/updates) and will be running INPA/DIS/SSS for those in the know, got it running on my daily laptop but dont like coding anything big just incase a nice dormant internet virus or anything pops up whilst coding and takes the module/ECU with it.


Ideally looking for something that you've not used due to upgrading, or use the desktop more and this is just gathering dust, I'd LOVE to just pay postage because I'm that tight I only breathe in :-D

But I'm willing to pay good money for a good item.


as for spec, I'm currently running on the following spec with no problems, not sure of the programs minimums...


2gb RAM

HD ABSOLUTE minimum needs to be 80GB (can be sent wiped, can always stick a dodgy W7 on)

1.6Ghz CPU

USB ports

not be the size of a bus :-)

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I've got a couple of old work laptops that exceed that spec and I can give you details of on monday, both would be either £30 or £50 posted. Otherwise I'll probably be selling my Acer One netbook for about £100-120 posted depending what it's worth (I haven't looked) which would be ideal for a diagnostics machine.


I'll let you know Monday at the latest.

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