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?? why ??


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thought id vent some of the built up pain inside me by sharing my weekend from last week.


been nine days now since it started.

on saturday last my good friend and former taxi worker of mine was to get married to his girl of ten years,

he was diagnosed with bone cancer in february this year,

he sadly passed away as the minister was at his hospital bedside conducting the ceremony and never made it to the i do part.

this tore me in half when i was informed at seven pm on the saturday night.


i had to go home for an hour to get myself sorted out as it really cut me up, he was only 39 yr old.


i returned to my taxi work and finished my shift at 3:45 am,

as i was parking up the controller told me my mum had been taken to hospital from the care home she was in, (she had suffered a stoke approx three yrs before)


i went to the hospital myself and was taken into a side room.


my mum had passed away at 2:55 am ......


this really ripped me up inside, it took two days for me to talk without breaking down in tears..


now i have a cremation to attend on wednesday afternoon for iain( love you pal if you can read this where you are).


and the hard one of my mum's burial on thursday morning. LOVE YOU TOO MUM..


i am finding it hard to get my head round this as you may understand so i am sharing this with you guys as a way of expressing my feelings and trying to make me understand why this has come about....


thanks and if anyone goes to church can you say a prayer for my mum and for iain too.



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Really sorry to hear about those. You have my sympathies mate :(


Do you have friends/family that you can speak to about what you're going through?

i do sid,

just really cut up and feel i need to vent it some where that is not family as we are all going through this together.

i dont know if this is the right way but ive never been in this situation before and dont want to be ever again.


thanks for kind words and hope that i can get through this week.

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Ah fella, feel for you you mate!


It's good to vent how you feel in anyway you can, I tried venting my feelings when my son had cancer on here, but just got shot down by a certain user, hope it don't happen for you!


If you feel it's getting to much mate, most hospitals have a bereavement service on site with on duty counsellors or you could go to the docs and get referred.


Trust me, it helps to talk!

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if you need to vent let it out. if you feel the need to scream, yell, shout etc then do it. i lost my mum in november 2003, when i was 20.

i kind of pulled further away from the world more than i already had. it's taken a few years for me to come back from it. now i just don't

care what other people think. feel free to pm me if you need to.

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link to a news article on my friend.




funeral was hard for me,

his hearse was led into the crematorium grounds by a piper which was a lovely sight and sound but brought tears to my eyes.

very good turnout and such a lovely service.

r.i.p iain.

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