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Gearbox Refurbishment Rebuild Advice


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Hello all,


I thinking of picking up a second hand gearbox and sending it away to be rebuild/refurbished so it's right good when i get it back.


Looking for some advice really, google is full of companies that offer a service like this. Does it matter what condition withing reasonable limits that the gearbox is in? How much can I expect to pay and does anyone have any recommendations, assume most places you send away for anyway.


Thanks chaps.

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At a push you got give me a box at ford fair and you could have my local that did mine rebuild... but then not sure how I would get it back to you?


Want it sorted before fair mate, need it by 23th of july. (23th lol)


I could buy a box, send it to you then pay for it to be sent back? Simple no?

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If you have the time, rebuild it yourself, its easy.



There are a one or two "how to" guides out there, which were very helpful.










The most difficult part for me, was removing the gearbox from the car and refitting it.



Only a few months ago, I was quoted £220 for a complete rebuild, from Gearbox Specialist in Preston and that's removing the gearbox myself and taking it to them and collecting it.



The front input shaft bearing is the main one to fail, did on my gearbox and caused damage to the input shaft gears and gearbox housing.



I stripped my replacement gearbox with every intention of replacing the bearing, however, once stripped, all the bearing were good with little or no movement or play.


So I rebuilt and just swapped over the diff bearings, replaced the gaskets and filled with oil.





To remove 5th gear, I heated with a blow torch for 15mins and used a three legged puller to remove it.


To refit 5th gear, I heated the gear with blow torch for 20/30 mins, picked up with grips and it slipped it back on the shaft without the need to persuade with a hammer.



Gaskets from Ford can be as much as £80 for the set, at least £15 to £20 each + VAT, otherwise can buy a ib5 gaskets set from ebay for £10.


I never actually bought the bearings but when phoning around, various bearing companies stated a complete bearing kit would cost in region of £50.



I believe there is bearing kit that's suitable listed on ebay now, for £60 with gaskets.






I even re used the original snap rings and cirlclips, if snapped or distorted when removed, they too can be expensive from Ford, only because they will only sell in packs of 5 but they are still available.



Hope this helps ?








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