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Emissions fail MOT


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Hi Guys,


Just need a bit of advice as Massively failed on my emissions today, It is a '98 1.8 Escort GTi with a 2.0 Zetec engine. Results below:


Fast Idle:


CO 2.064% (upto 0.300%) Fail

HC 81ppm (Upto 200ppm) Pass

Lambda 0.949 (0.95-1.09) Fail


Secomd Fast Idle:


CO 2.371% Fail

HC 80ppm Pass

Lambda 0.940 Fail


Natural Idle


CO 0.367% (Upto 500%) Pass.


It was fine last year and the only difference is that it has had a new headgasket and now has a drilled airbox.


Any suggestions please help.

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Did you hammer the f**k out of it before MOT?



(For the mods, it's okay, Stevemo told me it's not swearing if i take some letters out)


No I didnt, but then I didnt last time either, I understand the environement may be different this year, but surely not form a really comfortable pass to a massive fail?

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Should always get the car really hot before taking it to an MOT, that way you've helped clear the cat out a bit and got the engine running at it's best.


Yeh then they test it later that afternoon lol


You shouldnt really have to do anything if everythings running right though, really trying to avoid blowing my own trumpet here but I passed pretty confortably in my 2.0 converted escort, got 2.0 maf and ecu though. My test results were taken after less than a 2 mile drive to the centre which was from a cold start.




I would be more inclined to say with your results either its down to the wrong ECU and MAF (which either way will not be helping) or theres a fault which could be plenny things (CAT, Lambda Sensor MAF, IAT etc), you could try giving it a rag to get it through but it could be twice as bad next year.


My mate down the road ran his 2.0 one a 1.8 ECU and it ran like a slag.

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With reference to the drilled airbox, i'd be surprised if this was the sole culprit, cars been passing on cone filters for ages and surely thats worse than a driller.


Various tricks im sure, rag the car, disconnect the MAF but your gonna end up hiding the problem, you may have to start replacing bits :(

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