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Light stalk for mk6


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Yeah I realised after searching on ebay that the stalks are a whole assembly and not individual sides :rolleyes:


I do need the 6-speed wiper version.


Escort 4x4, thanks for the offer but i'm in southend and really havn't got the time to come and collect. Would it be possible for you to send them to me if I cover postage and what not?

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I will take the one that came of the estate, if it will fit my R reg 1.4 LX Estate please



I don't know if they are all interchangeable or what but I need one so lemme know if you got one!

Its for a mk6, 1.8i ghia x

thanks very much

I have one its both stalks with the middle connector.

Came of an estate but they all look the same.

Make me an offer on it.

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