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2ltr conversion question


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If it does run, it's not a good idea. Probably won't be terrible if you only drive around at part throttle.



Cheers Stu,


I have a pre pats ecu ready,but because of the money situation, i cant afford to do the engine change, And ecu at the same time, so they will be a month apart


cant wait for the conversion though, would be quick enough to surprise some people

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Huh? You have the ECU but you can't afford to what, swap a few wires over?



I know,I have no confidence in electrics,so ill have to pay a fella to do it


Give it a shot mate, it's very very easy, the engine drop is harder, literally you remove the old ECU and swap some pins in the ECU plug, ok it's fiddly but there's no soldering or proper electrical work going on, no stripping wire either.


Label the wires as the guide says in the 'how to' section and give it a bash, honestly your'll be fine.

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