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Due to the success of the previous thread some time back sidrick posted if my memory serves me right?? loads of new members have appeared so its time for an update


Its that time on a Saturday night most of us will be well on the way to being leathered... going to have to chuck the towel in early cause im working at 8 tomorrow :( so its my round so what you having :)




To start




Stella Cidre :)) nice but = hangover from hell


when the heads on


Jaeger Bombs

Morgans + coke

Whiskey with a splash of water, Either Isle of sky or grouse ;)

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Since you're buying.


Few pints of cheap lager (tennants, carling, whatever, I'm no beer snob)

Maybe a few pints of Strongbow if I get a bit bloated with beer

A few vodka lemonades (Zubrowka if they sell it, please) if the club/pub is busy. Hate standing with a pint.



Tequila! Tequila! Tequila!

Whiskey on the rocks, sometimes with a dash of water



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I'm Backwards


before i go out i get my self a bit tanked up on


Vodka/Energy drink.


Then when I hit the town it is Snakebites and throw it around as much as possible at the poor ladies wearing white tops



Don't mind Sambucas and Tequilas when At the bar with the lads how ever.

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I'll start with a couple of Corona's, plus lime wedges


That's about all the beer I can deal with, so I'll mix it up with a couple White Russians before moving into Bourbon town. An Old Fashioned, chased with several Whiskey Sour


Any bourbon fans in the house?


What is a Whiskey Sour?


Apparently ------> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whiskey_sour

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Legit LOL from me @ "Purple Drank".. look it up if you don't know what it is.


Good shout Brown with the White Russians, shame most places round my way won't sell it as a drink and got charged £7.10 for ordering it separately so I could enjoy one.


For such a common drink, and in a city the size of Manchester, it's surprising how hard a White Russian used to be to find. I mostly have them before I leave the house these days (because I always have Kahlua in)..


Sid, I started drinking Bourbon about a year ago - maybe an age thing (I'm now 30), or maybe cos I see it drank so often in Mad Men.. whatever the reason, a Whiskey Sour or an Old Fashioned is a really nice drink

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