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my pepper red five door project!


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Painted calipers yellow. They were red but they didnt stand out all that much what with the car being red as well. Now they really stand out!!!






she still looks good after a clean. Even though its been sat for a while now



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Well this will sound more harsh than it's supposed to, as I'm sure it's okay as a run around for the age of it, but just in case you're seeing it through 'owners eyes' and don't see what others do:


1st pic - alloys are all scuffed, looks like rust coming through on the arch lip, rear spats look damaged, spats and side skirts massively different in colour to the rest of the car.


2nd pic - matte finish to the front bumper which is also broken.


3rd pic - rusty boot, 16v badge gone but adhesive not (takes 2 minutes, surely?), number plate discoloured, colour difference between skits/spats/rest of car clear again.



I'm sure it wouldn't take much to make it nice again though.

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What damage is on the skirts and spats?


The original skirts and spats fitted were a different colour as i sprayed them and could never quite get them right. This set however came from a pepper red gti so should be the same colour. I swear i put this in my thread somewhere. Maybe i am looking at it through owners eyes but i cant see a colour difference


Youre right the wheels do have curb marks but theyve had those for as long as ive had the wheels. I could never justify the cost of refurbing them


Yes the boot lid is rusty. Its the only rusty part but ive never been able to locate a replacement that isnt a million miles away

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There looks to be damage to the spats in the first pic, it's hard to tell if the marks are water, dirt or scuffs.


It doesn't really matter which car they items came from, they'll have had a different life from the rest of the car so a colour mismatch is almost inevitable, but if you can't see that they're completely different shades then I think you honestly may be colour blind (pic 1, seriously?!).


RE: the wheels and the rest, you don't have to be defensive about things like that as they're normal wear for an old car, and all of mine have had similar scuffs or scrapes in the past (my current one has far worse after the wife drove it once). I just said that it actually doesn't scrub up too well, then had to justify my comments when you questioned them.

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