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Project Shelley


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Thanks, overdue an update on this, underside is finished and painted and she's back to a rolling shell now. No pics yet as unless I'm missing a trick I can't post pics from phone to forum so u will need to wait til I upload to photo bucket!
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ok ok!


So got a piece for the scuttle and got that welded in, although in true style heres the before pic but didn't take an after..






Outer sills on, one side fitted well the other is about 15mm longer that it should be.



Strut top reinforcements on, again what a crap fit these are, had to cut them in multiple places to try and get them to shape to the inner wing.




Underside finished and cleaned



Some Zinc primer




Final coat of rubberised paint stuff, can't remember the name, bloody expensive:



Plan was to get the car back to a rolling shell before the birth of my first child, but the wee devil arrived 7 weeks early and dashed that plan.  I can now see why you hear of people starting projects and not getting back to them for about 20years!  Hoping this won't be one of them.


So since her birth I've got it back as a rolling shell, polybushes of course




Front brake upgrade mock up.  Going for mk1/2 mondeo calipers with brackets knows as the GTR280 kit.  Hubs were machined done to accept the discs on the front of the hubs rather than bolt to rear as standard setup would be.




And that's you all pretty much up to date. I'm in the process of refurbishing the front calipers now, they are stripped and painted, just need to put them back together.  I've also cut out the standard radiators mounts and doing some repairs where they were removed.  I need to put in a bigger radiator so one of the next steps is to get one that fits and make up some brackets for it.  Undecided if I'm going for a custom alloy job or a sierra option.






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Thanks chaps.  Radiator arrived this week, its slightly bigger than I thought, either going to have to modify it or put it in at a slight angle, neither of which is ideal.  Also ordered my x pack kit which should be here any day now so should see some quite big visual updates soon.

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So as I said previously the radiator was going to be slightly too big to close the bonnet, in the end i decided to cut about 10mm off the top and bottom of it and restrap it and it now fits like a glove.




Finished article




Next up I went on a spending spree, picked up this lovely full leather interior from a local seller on gumtree:






In the last few weeks I've got really stuck into the Xpack fitting.  Initially cutting out the rear arches and tubing out the inner arches.








And then finally the rear quarters bonded and riveted on.






And that's pretty much it to date.  Next up is the front wings, which I'm gonna make a start on today.  I've offered them up already, and they don't fit well so going to take some faffing to get them right, Great...







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Time for another update


Rear before










Front done






Could resist a pic with my other toy




Front splitter didn't fit worth a f***








Got there in the end, Couldn't resist another pic, this time with mates XR2i






Next I decided to tackle and area I wasn't looking forward to, the roof gutter.  Cut out the rot and welded in the new section, quite happy with the end result
Next up I relocated the battery to the boot
Another job I wasn't looking forward to or confident about was the wiring.  The diagrams in the tech section on this site are excellent and it doesn't take long with the loom in front of you to work out whats what
Next up I put the engine in to work out where to take the wiring through the bulkhead and to start to work out what I'm putting where
Fitting a 6 way fuse box to power the relays for ECU, fuel, fans etc.  Only using 3 so means any new modern touches can be easily fitting in future.
Made a bracket for ECU too but didn't seem to take a photo of that!
Next up was the inside, alot of the sound deadening was brittle and lost its stick, removed as appropriate, splash of paint and then new deadening.
I'd previously made the radiator brackets for a sierra radiator but had a concern it was too thin at just 30mm.  Rather than redo the brackets for an off the shelf option I had a custom idential size but in 50mm alloy made by radtec.
Then that brings you up to date for now, radiator fitted a treat and looks the part. Just wiring in the fans and temp sensor left to do.
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