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Project Shelley


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no don't worry just what I had to get it rolling.  Been spending a lot of time trying to work out wheel options and sizes.  What I wanted was 10" at the back and 9" on the front but I just can't get road tyres in those widths.  Toyo list a 245 if I went 9" rear and 8" front but no-where seems to stock it.  Got local tyre dealer on the case and they spoke with Toyo and to get them you have to order a container of them!  So that's out the window now so resided to going 8" all round now with suitable offset to fill the arches.


99% set on these.  They are closed until 3rd Jan so will place order then and the guy said 8-10 weeks which is quicker than I'll need them anyway!  I did wonder about escort cosworth alloys which are effectively the same style on it now but 1" wider but I'm going to need massive spacers for those and they are stupidly expensive. for new ones and 2nd hand will need refurb.



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Well its more or less finished, not quite MOT'd due to a leak and I keep losing brake pressure and not had time to look at why (assume a leak somewhere)


Anyway none of that changes the end look so after about 7 years consider, buckets of money its basically and complete and these the final pics on here as photobucket is rubbish.







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