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beaulieu autojumble


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as per peewees request i have some more info for you and a link!


site is ... well its a beaulieu motor museum lol, its normally about £12 to get in but you also get entry to the motor museum as well, take a look at some of the pics on the site its frigging massive, obviously the guys that live in my area will know about beaulieu but didnt know if anyone else did. its a sick day and well worth going to


and link ... http://www.beaulieu.co.uk/beaulieu-events/...jumble-lastyear

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Shame it's so far away for me else I would have gone and had a nose


make a weekend of it the meuseum is worth a visit



And spend loads of cash for stuff that I really really have to have just to put it in a garage and keep tripping over it for several years.


I don't trust myself with such events, I'm worse than an drug addict in pharmacy.

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