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New wheel colour


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Hi guys,


Just wondering if anyone has a spare 5 minutes to PS my wheels on my Golf. I can't decide which colour to go for ?(




Options im thinking are:


Polished/diamond cut with blue inserts

Yellow or Gold



Open to other options if you think something else would look good. Currently they are mulberry purple with a gold lip.


Cheers, Tommy




Not sure if this pic is any better? It's old (before i owned the car). If you need a straight on side pic I can sort later on

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Anthracite with a polished lip. You don't need a photoshop to know it will look fantastic. :thumb:


I've done all my other cars in black/polished lip, or anthracite. I wanna try something more 'in your face' like yellow, or white. I see a blue and white golf the other day and it looked well nice. But also think the diamond cut and blue (or cut and yellow) might look nice.

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