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wheel colours


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I'm needing to refurb the wheels on my 5 series and am constantly changing my mind as I cant picture it.


this is the best pic i have showing the wheels




I can take a new one if it helps although car is filthy and wheels are kind of black now :(


I've considered anthracite, a slightly darker silver and a more obvious silver with a quite heavy metal flake but not sure which I like.


There are no exterior changes going on this car other than tinted windows and white sign writing on back windows with company details. I thought about white to match the sign writing and I have aston martin pearl white in my garage that I got for doing my mk3 mondeos wheels but not sure if it suits

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i'd leave them silver tbh.

I had considered that as well. Just kind of want to make them a bit different but not in your face. Only need a refurb as have some kerbing marks and and you can tell which wheel used to be the spare wheels as the 3 wheels that have always been road wheels are faded compared to the 4th one with a matched faded one in the boot

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