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what happened to naylor?


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On 10/30/2012 at 10:56 PM, scottybo said:

he just upped and disapeared one day, he was one of the main posters, just wonderin i suppose

I wonder if anyone here is still active who will see this post, but you’re right, one day I took the car off the road, bought a relatively new focus and disappeared.

My Escort consumed me and by the time I had been through so many issues and spent 1000’s of pounds there became a point when it was finished, around the Ford Fair that year. But I had a bit of an unhealthy relationship with that car and decided to take a break. It was my daily driver and I couldn’t walk to work, I relied on it working, so I got a focus and took it off the road with the intention of perhaps returning to it in less stressful ways, sadly life took a few unexpected turns and I never did.

I also felt like at times I came across like I had a chip on my shoulder, constantly trying to prove something and couldn’t handle criticism, take a break from the car was also taking a break from that and receiving warnings and bans from PeeWee lol.


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