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well I started out with


a pre 90 xr3i crashed it

90 spec xr3i crashed it

90 spec xr3i crashed it

h reg xr3i cab swapped it for a 2.8 capri then swapped for mk 5 van stolen on me

s2 rs turbo police impounded

sxi astra on a g plate with gsi running gear, engine and boy racered it up crashed it

Toyota privia got loads of kids scrapped it to insure the mk6 when mrs had it

then got a Toyota aruis got rid

62 plate zafara its crap


hey I got the mk6 back

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no, I would never have a cab - not a hairdresser



Id be alot less embarrassed driving even Pete's pink cabbie than I would being seen in one of your "modified wonders".... better to seem queer than chav imho,





















sorry Pete btw

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