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Series One RS Turbo Restoration


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Cheers guys :)


Got some more nice bits this week :D


Scotch pads for the engine bay



Steering rack bushes



New dust covers for the front rose joints



Very good cond rear arms



Exhaust hangers and ARB clamps :woohoo:


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dont let your new metal rust, just means more work down the line :(


also a nice upgrade is to fit a rear ARB but you need arms that have the part already welded on


can just see the part i mean on this one



keep up the hard work tho, done plenty of these repairs before but its worth it in the end.

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Cheers guys :)


Mark, not too fussed about a bit of surface rust, it'll all get done again when being prepped for paint anyway so don't worry :D


I do have a rear ARB, and the arms were advertised for a RST but when they arrived I noticed the mounts missing, although becuase of the quality of them I decided to keep them and we'll just put the brackets on - Well spotted :D

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Well after a month we managed to get a bit more done.

The rest of my bushed have turned up :cool:


Pretty much all the welding is done now :eek: and we have started trying out the POR15 prep and ready which leaves a zinc phosphate coating on the metal to stop rust returning.


Starting to grind down the welds





Rear shock mount cleaned out, treated and primed



Front end treated and part primed



Testing the POR15 phosphate coating



Old vs new spring cup



Next off more cleaning, prepping and then onto painting the underside 1st stage :woohoo:


Finally fells like its getting somewhere.

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Haven't updated much of late. Though I have ordered some new parts which have turned up.


New lower arms



New CV boots



New rear bearings



I took this last week off work, and spent it mostly under the car with a toothbrush cleaning it :spinning:

White spirits to get the years of crap and oil off, then truck de-greaser before using POR-15 prep and ready.


I decided to paint the underside in 4 stages:

Firstly I applied POR-15 to the main footwell, front chassis and front inner wheel arches.

Second stage was footwell area back under the car.

Third stage was the inner footwell and bulkhead, pop out window seams and boot floor.

Fourth and final stage was inside the sunroof tray and the inside of the roof skin.


Then after leaving to dry for 24 hours I gave the lot a coat of Tie Coat primer which allows the POR-15 to be over coated in a colour.


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Trust me mate, unless you pay 10K plus you wont :(


Its far easier to get a decent S2, I think they made them out of something other than rust :pancake:


This looked a minter from the outside, and t has lived in a garage for the last 14 years. Everything you'd expect would have been done to preserve it, so if you do get one be prepared for work :roll: lovely looking motors though!


Anyway this weeks updates :D


First off some new bits from Ford :)



Brake bar gaiter and rear ARB link bushes


I managed to get a bit more done on the engine bay. I hate filling and sanding :mad:


At least I am getting some of it in primer now, so I'm starting to see the light.



I've also managed to get the seam sealer on, although I'm going to have to order another 1kg tub in order to do the engine bay and a few other little odds and sods.



Also got the rear arches grinded back today, so have a good layer of filler on each side. Hopefully be able to take this back down during a few evenings in the week.


The prep, prep and more prep :pmsl:


I'll give myself the weekend off next week to be at Central-show :woohoo:

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